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“…he’s built an impressionable lead now!”

July 21, 2009

As always I am enjoying the Tour de France coverage. Even more so as Bradley Wiggins looks in contention for the first British podium place since forever.

And yet, and yet…it is Phil Liggett’s commentary which is the real draw. Apparently Astarloza’s lead in the final kilometre today was easily influenced.

Downs and ups

July 14, 2009

Training took a dip this weekend. Had scheduled a big ride in – over Holm Moss and then see how it went. Was just not up to it, cycled out to Bradfield and just knew it wasn’t going to happen. Returned home with a not too impressive 13 miles under my tyres. It did have the advantage that I could a) watch two hours of live Tour de France coverage and b) find this story of cycling redemption on the NY Times website.