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Tikit saves the day

June 10, 2009

Sheffield 10/6/09 Pic by Mysticmogg

Was on the train heading for Sheffield when it stopped at Meadowhall. All services suspended to Sheffield due to track flooding. A train full of disconcerted passenders. Save one. Got on the Tikit and took the Trans Pennine Trail back to town. Arrived 20 minutes later. The trail runs alog the river Don which was in full flow. Was pretty wet by the time I got home, and was rather disconcerted when the front axle disappeared beneath the surface of a puddle. But hey, I was home rather sat on a stationary train 6 miles away or fuming in a stationary car.

Two years ago two people died in Sheffield floods which were described as once in a hundred year events. How frequent do these events have to become before we take climate change seriously?

Sheffield Hills

June 5, 2009

Sheffield Hills

Recently Chris Rust pondered whether Alpine Road in Upperthorpe is a tougher climb that Hunter House Road in Hunters Bar. The answer is almost certainly Hunter House Road, as both have sections of 14% gradient, but Alpine Road is far shorter. Which led me to do some research more broadly. Hills with such steep inclines are relatively common in Sheffield – to date Walkley Lane is looking one of the toughest climbs in the city.

(Table shows distance, estimated cycling time and metres climbed in the right three columns)

Time flies…

June 2, 2009


And unfortunately this morning so did average speed, distance and cadence.

Turning sharply on the descent of Walkley Lane, I went one way and the computer went the other. Centripetal or Centrifugal Force. One or the other. Anyway it hit the deck, bounced and no longer works. Closer inspection reveals that the two tabs which lock into the bracket on the stem have sheared off.

Something else to replace. Cycling should save you money and get you fit. Trouble is the fitter you get, the more often you seem to end up shelling out.